Digital Marketing Manuscript

Jeremy Haynes – Digital Marketing Manuscript | 13.9 GB

The ‘DMM – Digital Marketing Manuscript’ Shows You What To Do When Starting Your Digital Marketing Agency.
You Can Get Clients And Deliver Results While Building A Business That’s Consistent, Here’s How:

What Video Courses Are Included In The DMM?

Clarity & Understanding: 9 VIDEO COURSES
What Type of Business Are You In?
Self Education
What Type Of Agency Are You? In-house or Outsource?
Agency Tools and Resources
The “Load The Cannon” Phase
Friends, Partners and Allies
Being Successful, Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Positioning: 7 VIDEO COURSES
What is positioning and why does it matter?
How to place your self for achievement
Authority Hijacking and How To Do It The Right Way
Market Your Results, The Hard Flex Vs The Soft Flex
PR – Expand The Category, Advertise To Retain The Marketshare
What’s Your One Thing?
How To Gain Expert Positioning?

Products and Services: 12 VIDEO COURSES
Different Services of Different Agencies
Recurring Vs Transactional
How To Get Who To Work On What
Think With Profit First
How To Set Up Your Bank Account
The Project Manager
The Right Clients Vs The Wrong Clients
How To Present Your Offers – Decks Vs Playbooks Vs Agreements Vs Proposals
Your Product or Service Limits
Expansion Vs Contraction
Conditions – Your Guide To Being Stress Free
Rule 1. No Refunds

Attitude – Where all of it begins
Conviction – How You’ll Persuade Others On Anything
Duplicating Yourself With Salespeople
Outflow = influx
Gamification – Using Leaderboards
Know your packages
How To Sell Google PPC
How To Sell Facebook Ads
How To Sell Social Media Management
Selling the Mega Package
How To Sell Retargeting
How To Sell Funnel Creation
How To Sell The Additional Services Upsell – Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and Voicemail Marketing
How To Sell PR Services – Public Relations
How To Sell Landing Pages And The Rule Of Not Selling Websites

How To Sell Your Teams Abilities
How To Sell Speaking Gigs
Handling Objections Intro
an excessive amount of cash
not sufficient worth
not sufficient time
What is my ROI going to be?
want to speak to my enterprise associate
Not the choice maker
Bad fame
underneath contract
utilizing another person
I’m good proper now
simply employed another person to do it
Using Video Follow Up
The Average Close Happens Between The Fifth-12th Follow Up Attempt
Creating A Reward System For Yourself
Dealing With Rejection
Phone Sales Vs Internet Sales
Contextual Selling – Deep Vs Wide
CPR – Clear Process To Revenue
VAK – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
Pricing – Getting Your Prices Right

OperationS: eight VIDEO COURSES
New Client Flow – How To Handle New Clients With This Process
Systems Save Lives
Accountability – How To Keep Your People Accountable
Expectations And Success
Using Statistics
Knowing Your Client Limit
Unemotionally Running Your Business
Know When To Bring In Help

Speed To Result
What Positions Are Needed For Delivery?
Production Vs Execution
Over Delivery – A Satisfied Customer is one step away from being unhappy
Leadership vs micro managing
The Delivery Process
Communicate The Process – How To Retain Clients Longer

The Perfect Team – Who You’re Going To Need
When To Bring In New Team Members
How To Know You Have The Right People – IQ, EQ and The Aptitude Test
How To Track Stats in your workforce
How to fireplace folks
How to interview and rent
How to construction payroll
W2 vs 1099 – Do They Need Benefits?
Keep Your Team Motivated
Self Accountability
How Long Should Their Tasks Take?
When Is A Team Right For You?
Salary, Hourly, Or Commission?
Should You Be Transparent With Your Team?
How To Train Your People

Advanced Tips & BONUS CONTENT: eight video programs
Agency Marketing Tricks – How Get Business And Attention Fast
Provisional Equity
Advanced Negotiation Strategy
30% Like Apple
90/10 Write Off System
Go To Events – Lead Generation
Lifestyle Tips – Build Your Business For You
90 Minute Mastermind Speech for 10ok Mastermind


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