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In-Person Anti-Harassment Trainings for Staff and Managers

Mariana Strategies provides in-person anti-harassment workshops for staff and managers tailored to the specific workplace, using interactive, skills-based techniques that focus on building a shared workplace culture of respect. This compliance workshop features bystander intervention and civility training, both of which are recommended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Select Task Force on Harassment in the Workplace.

Workshops for staff focus on building a culture of respect, understanding what to do and what not to do based on organizational policies, and speaking up about uncivil behavior.

Determining Client Needs

Before every workshop, Mariana Strategies engages in an initial needs assessment to address the particular issues of the organization. This includes reviewing extant anti-harassment policies and procedures, and, if necessary, making recommendations on complaint reporting, complaint handling and investigation, proportionate discipline, and anti-retaliation measures. These policies and procedures are key components of staff and management training, and effectively communicate organizational commitment to preventing and addressing harassment. Additionally, Mariana Strategies will advise on internal anti-harassment communications strategies to reinforce the goal of preventing harassment as a business priority.

Workshop Features
Workplace Civility and Respect (What to do)

Participants engage in process to discuss and share concepts of civility and respect in the workplace
Designed to engage all participants as stakeholders in workplace culture of respect

Inappropriate Behavior (What not to do)

FAQs about unlawful harassment (bases of harassment, basis for employer liability)
What constitutes unwelcome and offensive conduct based on protected categories
Role plays/case studies tailored to specific workplace environment on both subtle and severe instances of harassment

Shared Culture of Respect

Speaking up: upstanding after learning about/seeing problem behavior
Bystander intervention strategies that work
Effective communication on unwelcome conduct
Role plays and commitment to engage

Organizational Policies and Procedures

Review anti-harassment policy, including anti-retaliation provision, responsibility to report, proportionate discipline policy
Discuss reporting procedures for organization

Management-specific workshops include, in addition to all of the items featured above:

The manager/supervisor’s responsibilities upon learning of possibly unlawful acts
How to receive a complaint and handle the complaint process
Managing requests for confidentiality
In depth review of organizational procedures, particularly obligations of managers to report
Early intervention to address inappropriate behavior

Both workshops for staff and for managers include role plays, case studies, discussions and other interactive features for an effective learning experience.

Pip Society Training Videos

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