Video Traffic Genie 2.0 New strategy for unlimited traffic in 2018

When most marketers talk about getting targeted traffic, there’s usually 2 main ways to do it:

  • 1. SEO/Video SEO
  • 2. Paid Traffic (FB, PPC, Banner ads etc)

However, 2 years ago a couple of genius marketers discovered a powerful way to get highly targeted traffic. They figured out a way to hijack other people’s video traffic to generate affiliate  commissions in 24 hours or less. It’s one of the most unique strategies for you to use in 2018 to get targeted traffic, FAST!

Plus, they automated the entire thing in an easy-to-use, Adobe Air App, which means it’s Mac and PC compatible. and for a VERY limited-time they’ve reopened this powerful software to the public. Let’s find out more details in my Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review below!


Inside the members area that awaits you, you’ll get a step by step video walk through of a system you and only an exclusive few other smart marketers will discover. The authors are going to teach you how to use the power of ALREADY created-for-you videos to quickly, and easily get traffic to whatever website or offer you like within 24 hours or less.

This is a totally revamped and unique twist on a concept you might think you’ve heard of… but their perfected twist strategy changes the game! They’re about to add “roids” to your online marketing efforts and give you the keys to a totally untapped opportunity that everyone else is, thankfully, overlooking.

Here Are Some Of The Powerful Features Packed Into Video Traffic Genie:

  • Unlimited Keyword and Niche Research

Here you’ll be able to search and find an unlimited amount of keywords, niches and videos that you can hijack.

  • Push-Button Domain Checker

They didn’t want you to have to leave our app for anything, so they built a domain checker right inside the app. With the push of just ONE button, you’ll instantly know if a domain is available to hijack or not.

  • Fully Control The Age of the Videos You Want Delivered To You

Here you’ll be able to search for videos based on when they were uploaded. Most people purchased domains for only a year, so just imagine how many more videos you can find when you go deeper into older videos!

  • Sort By Relevance or by Views

This will let you get even more targeted on the videos you want VTG to deliver to you. You’ll be able to control whether you want videos based on relevance or based on number of views.

  • Add Or Remove Domains To Skip From The Results

The last thing you want is to have VTG display domains that you’ve already hijacked or domains that are not yet available. Here you’ll be able to add or remove domains from the search results to ensure you’re ALWAYS getting unique videos you can hijack.

  • Unlimited In-App Domain Purchases

They built their in-app domain purchaser to make it easy to quickly snatch up those winning domains.

  • Ability to Export data in CSV and Text Files

Here you’ll be able to download any and all results to your local computer and sort through all the data quickly and easily.

  • Access To Private Facebook Group

As part of your purchase today, you’ll also be getting access to their Private Facebook Group of fellow genies who are out there crushing it with this software. All of the student testimonials you saw, came from their private Facebook Group. They’re all there waiting to help you succeed.

  • And much much more!

We have a ton of other amazing features, plus A LOT more to come!

You’ll Also Be Getting In Depth Video Training PLUS some LIVE Case Studies:

There are only 7 modules, which you can quickly get through in one sitting, and be up and running right after you’re done.

  • Introduction

This is a quick intro about the authors, their marketing back story and will allow them to share with you why they are qualified to teach you this stuff.

  • The Video Traffic Genie Method

Here, they’ll quickly explain the overall concept behind this strategy to you, they’ll tell you how it works, why it works and why it’s the perfect opportunity for you.

  • Case Study 1

In this first case study module you’ll get 2 videos which break down a real world example of exactly how you do this with a real viable buyer keyword that’s getting searches, and traffic and it’s also a possible opportunity you may want to pursue.

  • Case Study 2

Here we dig a little deeper as they walk you through ANOTHER buyer keyword case study that you can instantly start getting traffic for. Feel free to either steal or reapply the concept to any one of thousands of potentially lucrative money keywords for yourself.

  • Case Study 3

In this module they’ll show you some potential pitfalls you’ll want to be aware of and how to avoid using yet another money keyword that’s got tons of buyer traffic already built in.

They’ll show you a sticking point that I’m sure you might get tripped up by and exactly what you need to do to blast through this minor hurdle, which I’m sure will trip up others, which is good for you because another person’s problems will become your opportunity. They’ll teach you how inside.

  • Basic Hosting Tech Stuff

This is probably something you might already know how to do, but they want to make sure you’re not missing anything!

There might even be a few golden nugget ninja techniques that you may not have considered, but once you see how easily it’s done, you’ll have a powerful new way to get avalanches of unlimited targeted traffic, sometimes for as little as $1.00.

  • Conclusion

Here we wrap everything up, recap and summarize everything you’ve discovered in the last 6 modules. They want to make certain you don’t miss any of the key takeaways from each module, so they’ll wrap it all up and put on a bow so you can immediately implement what you’ve learned. They want you to be able to quickly go out and take action to start seeing results TODAY!


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